Basketball lingo is a unique language - almost sacred.

You see, it is a way of communicating that only hoopers can understand. Just think about some of our shirt phrases, like "too small", "cookies", and "y'all got 5?"

What do these mean? If you don't know basketball, you will have no idea. But if you're a true hooper, these phrases are heard time and time again on the blacktop, hardwood or driveway. Speaking hoop lingo with fellow ball players, it is another language that only we are fluent in.

Just show any non-hooper one of our t-shirts. Sure, they'll be able to picture the phrase "too small" or "cookies," but what they picture is sure to look a whole lot different than what we see. They'll probably envision things like this:


But hoopers? We see this:



To all non-hoopers - you don't get it?

That's the point. It's OUR language. 

You're welcome to come learn it though ;)

Our team has a vision of creating a community of players who know all the phrases we use on the court and love using them just as much as we do. Basketball slang is in our blood - and everybody is welcome to speak in hoops.